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New Era Survey

Speaking of surveys… (again, from LDS Media Talk):

Tell the New Era magazine what you think of their most recent covers by filling out an online survey.

Add this to the New Family Search survey, and that makes 3 in just a few days…

Ensign Survey

Via LDS Media Talk

The Church’s Ensign magazine has just posted an online survey to gather information to help make the Ensign even better. Please take a moment to take the survey.

I took the survey. It only took a few minutes. There questions about which sections you read, what you would like to read, etc. One question that for some reason seemed a little odd to me was one about on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is the Ensign in your life. I’m a very active member of the Church; I have a calling; my wife has a calling; but I have to say that the Ensign is not very important in my life. It’s just a magazine. I wonder how other people are answering that questions…