Going Home

A week ago a member of our ward passed away. He was in his 70s, and had been sick for a couple of years. Although sad, it was a relief for his family. He had been a professional in his career, so there was quite a large turnout for the funeral. The family wanted to […]

Church commercial on CNN.com

So, I was watching a few “latest news” videos on the CNN news site, and I just let them play through. At one point, between videos was a commercial for the Church’s video called Finding Happiness. Then, the next thing I knew there was a segment on about how Lindsay Lohan had posted a topless […]

Exploring how media changed the church

Mormon Times has a short, but good, article about how the Church has changed as media has changed. There is a link to a lengthy document (113 pages) by Associate Professor Sherry Baker that covers the period from 1827 to 2007. It covers printing the Book of Mormon, to creating a temple video, to using […]

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