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187th Annual General Conference – Post-conference notes

Well, another conference has come and gone. I think I enjoyed this one more than I have many recent ones. There were a couple of talks (at least) in every session that I really enjoyed. These included:

Saturday Morning General Session

  • M Joseph Brough – Families are a care package from God
  • Dale G Renlund – The Savior’s compassion, love and mercy draw us towards Him

Saturday Afternoon General Session

  • Robert D Hales – The tapestry of discipleship
  • Jeffrey R Holland – Stand close to the Savior when attempting to sing the song of redeeming love
  • Gary B Sabin – Be all-in when it comes to the gospel
  • M Russell Ballard – Set goals and have a plan

Priesthood Session

  • Thomas S Monson – Be kind
  • David A Bednar – Missionaries are called to serve, they are assigned to labour
  • Gerald Causse – The AP and MP need to work together
  • Dieter F Uchtdorf – God’s greatest reward goes to those who serve without expectation of reward

Sunday Morning General Session

  • Joy D Jones – We need to raise sin-resistant children
  • Yoon Hwan Choi – We are all in the middle of an eternal family
  • Ronald A Rasband – Let the Holy Spirit guide
  • Dieter F Uchtdorf – We need not fear

Sunday Afternoon General Session

  • S Mark Palmer – Behold and love others
  • Gary E Stevenson – The Spirit helps us

Of course it is sad to see how President Monson and Elder Hales’ health has deteriorated. After so many decades of service to the Lord, they still must suffer in their mortal bodies. My heart definitely goes out to them.

Well, time to go forth and be better. I hope that you were uplifted by what you heard, and that the Spirit

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187th Annual General Conference – Sunday Morning General Session

I saw this every 6 months, but I love General Conference morning! I slept in until 7:30, which is pretty late for me. We got up, watched a family movie together while having a yummy French Toast Bake that my wife made. We then played a game and went for a walk. My wife and daughter had a choir practice this morning as well.

We’re all gathered around now, finishing up Music and the Spoken Word, and ready for the Sunday Morning General Session to start.

One of the Bible videos played at noon right when the session should have started

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang Press Forward, Saints

President Henry B Eyring conducted

The choir sang Now Let Us Rejoice

The invocation was offered by Sister Neill F Marriott

The choir sang Love is Spoken Here

President Thomas S Monson

  • 5 new temples in Brasília Brazil, Manila Philippines, Nairobi Kenya, Pocatello Idaho, Saratoga Springs Utah
  • The power of the Book of Momron and the power we have to study it
  • A strong testimony of the Savior and His gospel will help us to safety in the world today
  • If you are not reading the Book of Mormon regularly, please do so
  • The testimony of others will only carry us so far. We need our own testimony and to maintain it

Sister Joy D Jones

  • We need sin-resistant children
  • They need learn patterns of daily personal discipleship
  • Begin at very early ages
  • There is unusual power in making and keeping covenants with our Father in Heaven
  • Helping children understand covenants is key in making a sin-resistant generation
  • Keeping covenants is always independent of our situation

Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

  • Told of his father’s missionary efforts as well as family history efforts
  • All of us are in the middle of an eternal family
  • President Hinckley said to never let yourself be the weak link in our eternal family
  • Do not lose your faith because of the people around you. Don’t look around, but look up to Jesus

Elder Ronald A Rasband

  • Let the Holy Spirit guide
  • Joy that fills our souls brings with it an eternal perspective
  • We must strive to be worthy to have the Spirit with us
  • We must lay aside the things of this world for the Spirit does not dwell in unholy temples
  • We must always try to obey God’s laws
  • We must be willing to receive the Spirit
  • We must recognize the Spirit
  • We must act on the first prompting
  • Be a “first responder”. We need to respond immediately, just as firefighters, police and paramedics

The choir and congregation sang Come, Ye Children of the Lord

Elder L Whitney Clayton

  • We need to trust in the Lord
  • We need to return to simple acts of faith
  • When you are deliberate in your obedience, you are blessed with faith and strength that go far beyond the things which you are obedient to
  • God will always bless us for our steadfast obedience, but he rarely shows us His timetable in advance
  • That is where faith, hope, and trusting in the Lord comes in
  • Real obedience accepts God’s commandments unconditionally and in advance

Elder Dallin H Oaks

  • What we believe about the Godhead is different than what other faiths believe
  • He reviewed the role of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

The choir sang Dearest Children, God Is Near You

President Dieter F Uchtdorf

  • He mentioned the Great Awakening that was happening during Joseph Smith’s youth and how often the preachers used fear to impact how people felt
  • How much do we use fear to motivate others?
  • People who are fearful often do the right thing, but they don’t feel the right thing
  • The Lord has made it clear what the fruits of the Spirit are
  • We need to rejoice in the Lord
  • There is no fear in Christ’s love
  • God knows you perfectly. He loves you perfectly. He knows what your future holds. He wants you to be not afraid, only believe and abide in His perfect love.

The choir sang High on the Mountain Top

The benediction was offered by Elder Richard J Maynes

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179th Semiannual General Conference – Priesthood Session


Before the Priesthood Session, we had our annual sub-sational. This is where YM and their fathers gathered for a dinner of submarine sandwiches. It’s always a good time.

President Dieter F Uchtdorf conducted

The choir sang “High on the Mountain Top”

The invocation was offered by Dennis B Neuenschwander (released from the Seventy today). Note: He said “Uh” in his prayer at one point.

The choir sang another song but I missed it as I went into the kitchen to see if the clean up was almost done.

Elder M Russell Ballard ** a great talk, but not one that would translate well for the RS to use in a 4th Sunday lesson)

  • Seeing the priesthood together is a visual reminder of two important parts of our theology: priesthood and family
  • Sons
    1. Trust your father
    2. Take an interest in your father’s life
    3. Ask your father for advice
  • Fathers
    1. Listen to your sons
      • There should be at least monthly focused conversation
      • Conversations where you do 90% of the talking is not a conversation
    2. Pray with and for your sons
    3. Dare to have the big talks with your sons
      • Talk about sexual matters
  • Return Missionaries
    • Be where you can meet the right kind of friends
    • Rediscover courting
    • Do not drift to the ways of the world

Elder Walter F Gonzalez

  • Be a more powerful priesthood holder by using the Book of Mormon
  • 3 ways to use Book of Mormon
    1. Feast upon the words of Christ
    2. Apply in our lives what we learn of Christ
    3. Teach the doctrines and principles found in the Book of Mormon

Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

  • Told story as young men when he was a bishop
  • There leaders and wives became like mothers and fathers
  • Be obedient, even if you don’t know why yet
  • Attending their church meetings was very important
  • Teach our boys to change their lives
  • Be goodly parents to the rowdy boys

The choir and congregation sang “Praise to the Man”

President Dieter F Uchtdorf ** Might use this as a 4th Sunday lesson **

  • Winter will surely give way to spring
  • We must remain steadfast in hope
  • 2 principles to get through tough times
  • Work
    • The Lord loves the labourer
    • Thrust in your sickle and your sins are forgiven you
    • Work to your capability
    • Cultivate a reputation of excellence
    • There is no retirement in the kingdom
    • Working diligently in the kingdom bolsters your “resume”
  • Learn
    • Education is not just a good idea, it’s a commandment
    • Intelligence rises with us in the resurrection

President Henry B Eyring ** a great talk, but not one that would translate well for the RS to use in a 4th Sunday lesson)

  • The call to give a blessing can come unexpectedly
  • The preparation is far more than having oil at hand
  • The preparation begins in families and quorums, but mostly in personal lives
  • You must have faith that you have won his confidence
  • Faith does not come in the moment. It is earned.
  • Have pure motives

President Thomas S Monson ** Might use this as a 4th Sunday lesson **

  • Much in the news is a result of anger
  • Cease from anger and forsake wrath
  • Anger doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t build anything, but it can destroy everything
  • No one can make us angry; it is our choice

The choir sang “Rise Up, O Men of God”

Elder Lance B Wickman offered the benediction. Strangely enough, he also said, “Uh” during his prayer.

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