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11 Habits of Content Creators Who Optimize ‘Creative Spend’

11 Habits of Content Creators Who Optimize 'Creative Spend'

The greatest content creators and writers know how to optimize what I call “creative spend,” which is measured in creative units, or CUs.

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Cringe Content Creator ��

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shortsfeed #viralshorts #comedyshorts #funnyshorts #shorts

Day in Life of CONTENT CREATORS | Sanjay Solanki

the secret to content creation I wish I knew sooner

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My dream was to get paid to show up as I am everyday, and I found that dream become reality through content creation. In this video, I share what I think is the key to becoming a successful content creator in this era of the internet. How to show up as your authentic yourself, attract a community that resonates with you, and get paid a lot of money for it.

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9 Tips For Content Creation 2022

In December of 2020 we had a HUGE milestone – We hit 1 million subscribers here on YouTube. It has been a long journey to get here, and Chris reflected on that journey recently on the Clubhouse app. In his talk, he went over nine guiding principles that got us to a million subscribers. However, these principles can really be used to grow your audience on ANY social media app.

If you have the Clubhouse app, you can connect with Chris at thechrisdo, where he’ll be giving more talks in the future.

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1. Put in the work, show up every day, be patient,
2. The longer you play the game the better you get, persist to resist
3. Ignore those who do not want your success, don’t give a stranger the ability to affect your life
4. Try new things, make mistakes, don’t be afraid to fail, failure is an opportunity in disguise
5. Done is better than perfect, perfectionist is a form of procrastination and is the enemy of execution, small steps
6. Be generous, help others
7. You are a poor judge of your own talents
8. Plans are overrated, paralysis by analysis
9. What makes you weird makes you wonderful, being different is a competitive advantage

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