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17 Non-Negotiable Skills for Blog Writers in Any Business

17 Non-Negotiable Skills for Blog Writers in Any Business

These 17 non-negotiable blog writing skills are crucial for acquiring and retaining quality talent, and increasing your business's revenue.

My Blog CONTENT PROVIDERS – Who writes my blog posts?

I’ve been blogging for 3.5 Years now. I know it can be hard to find blog content providers who will write articles that are fresh, diverse original, and packed with helpful data and information for your readers.

In this video, I am going to share with you the three best places for buying blog content and why they are great sources for high-quality articles that will impress your readers.

I will also tell you how I build an in-house team of writers to work on my WordPress websites weekly.

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Also featured in today’s video:

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00:00 ► Intro
00:26 ▶︎ My story
03:09 ▶︎ Embarrassing moment
04:40 ▶︎ How did I get my writers
08:07 ▶︎ How much do I pay my writers?
09:08 ▶︎ Why do I outsource content
11:43 ▶︎Buyselltext Review
14:40 ▶︎ Buyselltext pros and cons
17:22 ▶︎ Handsoffpublishing
19:34 ▶︎ Handsoffpublishing pros and cons
22:27 ▶︎ Niche Website Builders Review
23:51 ▶︎ NWB pros and cons
25:45 ▶︎ YouTube channel shout-out
26:21 ▶︎ Final thoughts
26:50 ▶︎ End

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How to Write Blog Posts No One Else Can Compete With

Doing original research is one of the best ways we have found to create awesome blog posts that rank well and that other bloggers struggle to beat. In this video, I’ll show you 6 ways people are doing original research and show examples of each.

Here are the links to the examples in the video
Blood testing: https://wellintruth.com/order-your-own-blood-test-a-complete-guide-including-cost-comparisons/
Picking a scooter: https://scootersfornewbies.com/choosing-a-motor-scooter-with-a-spreadsheet-to-help/
3D printer experiment: https://3dprintscape.com/do-3d-printers-use-a-lot-of-power/
RGB Light comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZALkEpFYfw
Vet advice: https://www.rescuedogs101.com/dog-dewclaw-removal/
Grow lights: https://ncsuperfoods.com/best-microgreen-grow-lights/
Attraction parks: https://netherlandsinsiders.com/top-10-attraction-parks-in-the-netherlands-a-helpful-parents-guide/

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