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3-Step Blog Strategy That Works: Storytelling, USPs & Sales

3-Step Blog Strategy That Works: Storytelling, USPs & Sales

Looking for a unique blog strategy that works? Check out this one, which combines three tactics: “Intentional Storytelling SEO,” USPs, and sales blending.

From Ideas To Actions | Part 1/3

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a successful brand? In this documentary, we explore the world of brand strategy with industry experts. We discuss how to build a brand from the ground up, and the importance of brand strategy. This is a series of three. This first part focuses on how to get started and turn ideas into actions. So, if you are ready to take your brand to the next level, be sure to watch this Brand Strategy Documentary now!

00:00 – Business is changing
02:17 – A Startup’s perspective
05:42 – This is a brand
07:18 – This is a strategy
09:44 – Brands are human
13:48 – Storytelling
18:15 – Visual Identity
21:39 – Outro

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This video was created as part of a university project.
Thanks to everyone who made this project possible.
Director & Editor– Max Jung
Setrunner– Florian Zimmermann
Brand/Strategy Expert 01– Jose Caballer
Brand/Strategy Expert 02– Melinda Livsey
Brand/Strategy Expert 03– Alex Antolino
Brand/Strategy Expert 04– Ezequiel Abramzon
Brand/Strategy Expert 05– Ben Burns
Startup Member 01– Dr. Reza Esmaillie
Startup Member 02– Dr. Robin Bayer
Voice Over Startup 01– Nathan Lex
Voice Over Startup 02– Kier Gomez

How to Dive Into Your Competitors’ Blogging Strategy in Three Easy Steps

How to Dive Into Your Competitors’ Blogging Strategy in Three Easy Steps

The Most Powerful Content Creation Strategy You’re Not Using

The most powerful content creation strategy you’re not using. In 1996, bill Gates wrote an essay called Content is King, and he said content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet. Nearly three decades later and he could not have been more spot on. If you’re not writing, posting, promoting, or sharing valuable content, you’re actively putting your business at a disadvantage compared to your competition. But here’s the thing. While many businesses acknowledge that content creation is important, it is also one of the areas they struggle with the most. A massive 45% of marketing professionals say they struggle to create content that resonates with their audience. What should you do to take your content to the next level and resonate with your audience?

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What you need to do is you need to embrace the hedgehog. Let me explain. The hedgehog marketing concept is based on an old parable about a hedgehog and a fox. The fox knows a ton and is always trying to find new ways to help with the hedgehog. But the hedgehog stays focused on one thing. Putting it in marketing terms, focus on what you know.

Does your website get a million visitors every month? Probably not. So don’t focus on trying to make that happen. You are much better off focusing on meaningfully reaching a hundred people than you are trying to get through to a thousand barely. So what does this look like? Here’s how you can implant the hedgehog strategy.

Step one, create a detailed buyer persona. You’re probably wondering why. Well, using marketing personas makes websites two to five times more effective and makes it easier to target the right users that they’re looking for. And when you think about marketing personas, if you just Google marketing personas templates, you’ll find a lot of templates out there that you can use just to create this, and they’re free, and you’ll see ’em all within Google Images.

Step two, segment your audience. If someone purchased from you once, you could get ’em as a repeat customer. So the emails you would send to them are different than the people that come to your website the first time, opt into the email list, have never heard from you before, and have never bought anything. The same goes for people who have partly completed their checkout but haven’t fully completed it. You can send them different email campaigns than people who have completed a checkout or have not even started.

Step three, focus on becoming a thought leader. When done correctly, thought leadership is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Focus on what you know and make it great. In essence, follow EAT. Google talks about EAT, it stands for expertise, authority, and trust. They want to rank websites higher that are from people who are authorities within that subject. They don’t want you to create a website that discusses everything, like Wikipedia or New York Times, because they already have enough websites like that.

Step four, make your content more valuable and shareable. Delivering exceptional content to a hungry audience only helps them with their needs and encourages them to share it with others. 95.9% of bloggers promote their blogs on social and 69% of bloggers say that they use social share buttons. I use social share buttons, promote my blog posts on social media, literally the majority of the channels, and send out email blasts every time I post and push notifications.

Step five, find your engine. What part of your product offering is most attractive to your audience? Stop focusing on supplementary products. This doesn’t mean to put all your eggs in one basket, but it does mean that you need to pay more attention to what’s actually driving the revenue for your brand, otherwise known as your revenue engine. Find your most profitable, well-developed, and researched product or service or idea and build on that. Sure, you can have upsells and down sales with other ancillary products and services, but you need to focus on what you’re the best at. That’s how you stand out.

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How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish | Neil Patel

In this video I’m going to share with you how I write a blog post – from start to finish. Have you read any one of my blog posts and found that they all follow a similar format? And it’s not out of a coincidence. It’s for a reason. Because that formula helps me generate at least 37 thousand visitors per blog post.

Do you want to know this formula and how I write a perfect blog post? It works for a B2B, B2C, a personal or corporate blog. It’s the best blogging formula out there! And today I’m going to share with you my formula for a perfect blog post.


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I’m gonna share with you the perfect formula that I follow for my own blog. It works for a B2C ,B2B, a personal blog or a corporate blog, it works for everything. I kid you not, it is the best formula out there. First tip: Start off with a title. Don’t just start writing a blog post, unless you have the exact title, do not write your blog post.

The second step that you need to follow when it comes to writing a blog post is the introduction. In your introduction, you need to hook people with a bold statement. It’s also about talking about what’s gonna be covered in the post. Just give them a quick overview on what you’re gonna teach them, is a great way to hook them in, as well, to get them to go more into your blog post, read more, and ideally, even leave a comment at the end of your post. Now that we got the introduction done, let’s get into your body. Your body should include subheadings. Keep in mind, you want your content easy to skim. If people can’t skim it, you’re not gonna do well. In your body, use subheadings, and keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max. In addition to that, when you’re writing your content in your body, you’ll notice that at least on neilpatel.com, I link out to other people. That’s part of my formula, it’s not just about linking to your own site, it’s about linking to other sites. Because what happens is when you link to other websites, you open up your sources, you’re citing them, it creates more credibility for you, makes you and your business look more as an expert, and that’s what you wanna be perceived at when you’re writing content.

Last but not least, you wanna wrap up your post with a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes what your post was about, and you end your conclusion with a question. By ending with the question, more people are more likely to leave a comment. When they leave a comment, it creates engagement. So it’s really important you end with a question. And here’s what we found with conclusions. Brazing Crazy Egg, we use a scroll mat feature, and what we found through testing was, a lot of people read blog posts, when they first land on them, they quickly scroll to the bottom, check out the conclusion, and then they go back up and read the rest, assuming they like the conclusion. So with your conclusion, make sure you label it “Conclusion”.

People love getting back-links, because when you link out to someone, it drives in more traffic. Especially when you’re linking to them in a positive way. Hopefully you’re not bashing people in your blog post. Stay above that. So when you link up to them, shoot them an e-mail. “Hey Curtis, I have to say I am a huge fan of your work, so much so I linked out to you in my latest blog post. You can check it out here. Cheers, Neil. P.S. If you shared it, it would make my day”. That’s it. A lot of people who get linked out to, including me, don’t mind sharing articles on Twitter.

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Have You Ever Written A Web Blog Post Before?
00:58 – The perfect Formula. B2B, B2C , Personal or Corporate Blog.
Tip 1 – Start Off With A Title
02:18 Tip 2 – Introduction ( Hook People With a Bold Statement.
02:54 Tip 3 – “Body Building” You Want It easy To Skim
03:38 Tip 4 – Link Up With Other Sites Too.
03:38 Tip 5 – Wrap Up Your Post With A Great Conclusion
04:44 Bonus Tip – Link Up To Other People To Drive More Traffic

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