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Top 12 Tips From Someone Who Has Been Working from Home for 12 Years

Top 12 Tips From Someone Who Has Been Working from Home for 12 Years

Working from home is the new norm. Not a choice, but a demand due this worldwide pandemic. Here are 12 tips from 12 years of WFH experience.

VLOG: chit chat grwm, bday dinner, & we found a dog !!!

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5 Tips to Maintain Harmonious Relationships

For those of you who are in a romantic relationship, you definitely want the process to be calm and enjoyable. However, it is undeniable, anxiety must have been felt.

It must be uncomfortable being in a relationship if your mind is always suspicious and can’t trust each other.

In undergoing a love relationship there must be challenges, including the emergence of conflict. If there is a problem, it is the tension you feel.
So, how can romance be accompanied by serenity?

What’s the solution ? watch this video and apply the tips

Dave Ramsey: 12 Tips To Live On A Crazy Low Income For 2023 Recession

Dave Ramsey: 12 Tips To Live On A Crazy Low Income For 2023 Recession

Learning how to save money on a low-income budget must not feel constricting.
Adopting wise spending practices will help you achieve financial freedom and make the most of your available money.
And to get through every hurdle, just adhere to the 12 pieces of advice I’m about to provide you for how to live comfortably from Dave Ramsey’s On a Crazy Low Income.
 So, stay tuned!

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15 Little Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Help It Serve You Better

Does managing and maintaining your home cause you stress? If so, here are 15 easy ways to make caring for your your home less stressful.

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Top 10 Things to Declutter Right Now

You can read more tips in my newest book, Things That Matter: Overcoming Distraction to Pursue a More Meaningful Life:

Read hundreds of articles on decluttering and owning less on the Becoming Minimalist blog.


0:00 – Foundation.
1:38 – 1. Remove decorations that no longer inspire you.
2:13 – 2. Donate clothes you don’t love.
2:33 – 3. Reject the convenience fallacy.
3:15 – 4. Take down signs that don’t inspire a noble life.
3:47 – 5. Free up closet space.
4:09 – 6. Clear your dining room table.
4:39 – 7. Clean out your entertainment center.
5:05 – 8. Distinguish between minimizing and tidying up.
5:23 – 9. Pare down your beauty and grooming supplies.
6:00 – 10. Declutter duplicates.
6:34 – 11. Calm a space for reading.
7:06 – 12. Clear space for your car in the garage.
7:41 – 13. Tackle a junk drawer.
8:01 – 14. Set physical boundaries for your kids.
8:36 – 15. Count the “clutter cost.”